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The Cheatham County Homeless Coalition was formed out of a desire to create more awareness about homelessness in our county as we have seen an increase in housing insecurity amongst:

  • Families with minor children

  • Individual Adults, some of whom meet the definition of chronic homelessness, including 

    • Seniors​

    • Students who turned 18 and are still enrolled in the Cheatham County School District

    • Women (and sometimes men) fleeing domestic violence

    • Young adults aging out of foster care


While an increasing number of people find themselves without housing options at all, the majority of families and individuals in our county who meet the McKinney Vento definition of homelessness sleep in motels, in dilapidated housing, in abandoned buildings/garage/storage sheds, are doubled up with family or friends in a crowded situation, or couch surf moving from one place to the next. Learn more about what homelessness in Cheatham County looks like on our NEEDS page.

We hope by bringing together a group of interested Cheatham County organizations, we can increase a collaborative effort to help more families, seniors, young people, and other individuals in need of supportive services, employment, and housing. 

Join our Cheatham County Homeless Coalition today by emailing us at


  • Colby’s Army

  • Cheatham County School District

  • Penuel Ridge Retreat Center

  • The Family Collective - Cheatham County

  • Tackett Consulting, LLC.


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