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Homelessness has reached a national crisis due to high barriers to housing for families, seniors, young adults, and people with disabling conditions such as mental health and substance use issues. Homelessness by definition is a housing crisis. Therefore, the solutions to homelessness include making housing available, affordable, and accessible in combination with the right supports such as employment, healthcare, and income.

But we all know that homelessness is a complex issue to tackle. That's why partners of the Cheatham County Homeless Coalition believe in collaboration to coordinate efforts as much as possible and learn alongside each other what we can do to help prevent and end homelessness for our Cheatham County residents in need.

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Cheatham County Homeless Coalition Goals


We are currently in the forming stages of our Coalition and are seeking more members. We are simply a group of people who are trying to create more awareness about homelessness in Cheatham County and come together to learn about services. We also hope to eventually develop one annual goal we can work toward together to improve service coordination in Cheatham County.

Any organization - nonprofits, congregations, civic groups, government agencies, businesses, or individuals - interested in participating in quarterly meetings where we identify a common goal we would like to reach for Cheatham County, is welcome to sign up as a member by emailing


In the future, as we further develop our Website, this page will list more information about solutions, including the Coalition's proposed goals/solutions. 

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