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Visit the Services Page to learn more about the different nonprofit organizations serving Cheatham County's homeless population.





We recommend that you donate directly to a nonprofit organization of your choice that serves Cheatham County.


If you'd like to support the Cheatham County Homeless Coalition, support one of our partner agencies with a financial contribution, in-kind contribution, or by volunteering. 

If you want to reserve a sponsorship for our annual Cardboard City event, please email



We are always looking for landlords interested in learning more about how to get involved in assisting families with children and individuals who are seeking housing. 

The Cheatham County School District is participating in a regional initiative called The Family Collective to assist the dozens of families with school children who are experiencing homelessness in Cheatham County. 

To get involved, email Carol Henegar at

Join the Cheatham County Homeless Coalition


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